June Snow In Yellowstone

A late season snow for western Wyoming Tuesday. Tourists visiting may be surprised when they wake up Tuesday morning. Certainly not unprecedented for the area but compared to the rest of US, visitors may be caught off guard. 1-3″ at Old Faithful, but more expected at the higher elevations.



Two Feet Of Snow Expected In The Rockies

Doesn’t hurt to cover this big storm again. Travel is not looking good or wise in Wyoming and Colorado the next few days. Two feet of snow is possible on I-70 west of Denver and I-80 west of Cheyenne. And this will be a heavy wet snow so any trees with leaves could break. Good luck to the road crews on this one and I hope travelers are prepared for this.


Big Spring Snow For The Rockies

Heavy amounts of snow expected for the Rockies the next few days. This will cause serious travel issues on I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie as well as I-70 west of Denver. More than foot of snow expected at the higher elevations. This amount of snow this late in the season could cause branches to come down, especially if leaves are on the trees already. Visitors to Yellowstone NP may be caught off-guard as well as nearly 8 inches is expected in the park.


Last Gasp Of Winter In The West


Winter will make a final appearance in the West the next few days a cool moist weather system moves in. This could surprise some travelers on I-80, I-15, and I-84 from Nevada to Colorado and Wyoming. Travelers to Yellowstone too may find 8 inches or more of snow. Snow in May is by no means unprecedented, but snow possibly down to some valley floors is certainly unusual. Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Elko, and Laramie all stand a good chance of seeing accumulations.