A Cold Wet Day For The Midwest

A cold rain in Nebraska will keep temperatures way below normal on Saturday. Highs only in the 40s in the northern part of the state will be nearly 30 degrees below normal for mid-May. This rain and cold weather extends throughout the Midwest. If this were just a month or so ago, we’d be talking about a heavy snow event.



A Chilly Night For Colorado


Freeze warnings are in effect tonight up and down the front range of the Colorado Rockies. The cold snowy storm that affected the region the last few days continues to linger and with clearer skies tonight temperatures will drop to near freezing. This will include Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Last Gasp Of Winter In The West


Winter will make a final appearance in the West the next few days a cool moist weather system moves in. This could surprise some travelers on I-80, I-15, and I-84 from Nevada to Colorado and Wyoming. Travelers to Yellowstone too may find 8 inches or more of snow. Snow in May is by no means unprecedented, but snow possibly down to some valley floors is certainly unusual. Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Elko, and Laramie all stand a good chance of seeing accumulations.

Below Normal Temperatures In California


High temperatures will only reach the low 70s across southern Califorina today which will be as much as 25 degrees below normal. Still though, low 70s and sunshine may be below normal but really ends up nearly perfect. In fact, check out our other blog about perfect weather. It will remain “chilly” a few more days a reinforcing low pressure drops down from the North Pacific, but later in the week strong high pressure will return to warm things up.