Heat Begins To Build Over The Southwest

Temperatures are on the rise across the desert Southwest with widespread 100 degree readings from Palm Springs, CA to Phoenix, AZ. Death Valley reached 111 today it will very similar tomorrow. Visitors to the region should be prepared for the heat and drink plenty of water. Near the coast and mountains, much cooler and very pleasant temperatures in the 70s and 80s.



A Beautiful Day For Oregon After A Long Winter

After a very long…gray…wet winter in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is long overdue for some sun and warmth. Mid 80s west side Sunday and 70s east side with abundant sunshine should attract a lot of people outdoors. Just be careful in rivers and lakes because the water is still very cold and you can easily get hypothermia. Highs will be 10 to nearly 20 degrees above normal for the 3rd week of May. This great weather does extend north in Washington as well.



A Cold Wet Day For The Midwest

A cold rain in Nebraska will keep temperatures way below normal on Saturday. Highs only in the 40s in the northern part of the state will be nearly 30 degrees below normal for mid-May. This rain and cold weather extends throughout the Midwest. If this were just a month or so ago,¬†we’d be talking about a heavy snow event.


Cold Air Lingers In The Plains Friday

While snow will be diminishing in the Rockies, the cold air will linger over the region. Highs only in the 40s across much of Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Temperatures like these are way below normal, as much as 30 degrees below. Expect 90 degrees again as far north as New York City Friday.


Two Feet Of Snow Expected In The Rockies

Doesn’t hurt to cover this big storm again. Travel is not looking good or wise in Wyoming and Colorado the next few days. Two feet of snow is possible on I-70 west of Denver and I-80 west of Cheyenne. And this will be a heavy wet snow so any trees with leaves could break. Good luck to the road crews on this one and I hope travelers are prepared for this.